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  • paulywalnuts 5:55 am on October 18, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Jason Stathom, Michael Bay, Shia LeBeouf, Transformers   

    Transformers 4&5 Filming Back to Back … and guess who replaces Shia LeBeouf??? 

    Variety is out with an interesting story today. Transformers 4 and 5 are in discussion, even though Shia LeBeouf is moving on. Hasbro and Universal seem to be big on Jason Statham to replace him:


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  • Justin 3:59 pm on July 1, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Bay, Dark of the Moon, Optimus, Shia, TF3, Transformers   

    Transformers 3: Decepticons Take Chicago (No Spoilers) 

    Current (Rotten) Tomatometer for TF3: 37% (115 rotten, 36 fresh).

    Hey guys I wont post my full review for now because I dont want to spoil it for anyone.

    Here are my thoughts off the top of my head (that really say nothing cause again I dont want to give anything away):

    • What a mess…
    • I had zero expectations after Revenge of the Fallen except admittedly I wanted to see Prime have one more badass battle…
    • Movie starts well, in line w/ the first movie, so alot of promise actually
    • There is kinda of a cool twist halfway, sorry no spoiling…
    • There are some cool scenes that make you think of judgment day/rise of the machines in a way that hadnt really been done before or as well.
    • I also actually liked the cartoonyness (such as Dempsey’s character/story) added to this movie, made me feel abit like I was watching a saturday morning cartoon. Why not, it is transformers after all.
    • Shia and Rose have zero chemistry.Was actually missing Fox…
    • Why did you bring the parents back…
    • Def a few actual laughs during the movie tho they’re greatly offset…
    • Plus a few cool shots with great Jablonsky music
    • I almost fell asleep during the supposed amazing ending action sequences…the falling building action sequence, snooze and a half…
    • Like with any typical Bay movie, parts I liked, parts where I thought why am I here…though I think I liked every scene of the Rock but the Bay from 15 years ago obviously doesnt exist anymore…
    • Where was all the robot vs robot action? Felt more like humans vs robots, no thanks.
    • I wanted to see Prime kick ass, you’re Optimus F*cking Prime, you dont get tangled in wires…And Prime’s fight sequence resulting in his death in TF2 beats every sequence in this film still…
    • Even the Linkin Park song (“Iridescent”) used at the credits this time around sucks too…

    More pros here then cons cause if I start on the cons I’ll keep them rolling and I’ll give stuff away….

    Justin’s Grade: Very sad to say its terrible

    • Jay 8:10 pm on July 1, 2011 Permalink

      In retrospect, what made the first movie so good … it was about a boy and a girl … the high school flick where the dork kid that always gets bullied gets the girl, gets the cool toys, and saves the world …(and the chick gets the nice guy who also happens to be a hero) I think Bay underestimated how much the emotional attachment to that movie was carried by the “boy gets girl” storyline, and that the robots were secondary to that.

      We’re seeing Transformers 3 tomorrow … more then …

    • Justin 11:45 pm on July 4, 2011 Permalink

      Shall we begin the game now and ask for predictions on who will direct Transformers 4? There’s no way this will be the last time we see the autobots…too much money on the table. I wouldnt be surprised if 3-4 years from now we see a new trilogy with transformers being the only returning cast. Just let it have a new/good director.

    • J 1:25 am on August 13, 2011 Permalink

      Whenever I’m fighting decepticons I always bring my 5-inch heels. Oh, and my poutiest lips.

  • Jay 1:34 am on May 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: GI Joe, Inglorious Basterds, Moon, , Transformers   

    “I Don’t Believe I’m Going To Say This” (orig posted 08/19/2009) 

    PAULY [08/19/09 – 12:00AM]: But go see G.I. Joe. I only saw it because I was too late to see “the Goods.” I had zero expectations – maybe less than zero if that’s possible.

    25 mins into it, I didn’t want to like it. Halfway into it, I didn’t want to like it too much.

    By the end, I realized I’m looking forward to the sequel. It isn’t trying to be great, but it’s got a decent enough plot, and the special effects were better than the first Transformers movie.

    Hell, all of it is better than the first Transformers movie.

    It’s a good summer flick. It only dropped 59% after it’s first week, which means isn’t as high as anyone predicted. It means word of mouth kept audiences coming even though everyone it targeted showed up on opening weekend. It was fun.

    Go see it.

    PAULY [08/20/09 – 12:01AM]: … and fuck Transformers II

    (Sorry Michael)

    JASON [08/19/09 – 12:31AM]: The special effects were better than the original Transformers?? How about the flat-looking undersea base, the lack of color variation on the sand dunes, the nano-mite cloud scenes, etc… Hmmm… Maybe I just had a blurry projector. ha ha… I might have gone in with higher expectations too. Thought it sucked royally when I left, especially when other character revival movies [Iron Man, for example] have been much more exciting – better plot, graphics, action, and banter. Not sure if I would pay to see GI Joe 2 in theaters. [BTW, I saw GI Joe for sale on a DVD this weekend in San Jose for $5. Guess I really don’t need to go to movie theaters anymore… ha ha]

    One movie I would definitely recommend watching is District 9. Thought it was done very well… Maybe a District 10 in 3 years??

    PAULY [08/19/09 – 12:43AM]: I thought Iron Man was the best movie of last summer (TDK was 40 mins too long). If you’re expectations for GI Joe is on that level, nothin’ I can do to help you there.

    I don’t miss my 10 bucks. Go in expecting to pay attention to explosions and gadgets for two hours and you’ll be fine.

    No transformers pissing on a dude’s leg or speaking in ebonics. They actuakky tried to have nanotech as a central element. I’m not giving it any awards, but at least they didn’t try to appeal to the least common denominator like Bay does.

    MICHAEL [08/19/09 – 1:10AM]: Well, unfortunately, I’ve not been able to watch TFII, GIJ, or Julie&Julia, for that matter. I did see The Watchmen this past weekend though. It’s what happens when ethical decisions become decisions over utility, and there are no more morals to guide us. He’s Just Not That Into You was OK.

    Look, it’s trickier when you have a kid, OK? If it weren’t for the Vegas trip, I’m sure I would have missed StarTrek too.

    JHAELEN [08/19/09 – 9:37AM]: I’m sure baby james would love to see GI Joe!

    My movie ranking list for the summer might go: Star Trek, District 9, GI  Joe, transformers (fell asleep during Harry Potter). Have to go with Pauly on this one – really really low expectations = surprisingly fun experience at GI Joe. Juliet thought Sienna Miller’s walk was unconvincing … I thought it was plenty convincing.  I thought Channing Tatum’s accent was awful – turns out it’s his real accent and plus he’s ‘hot,’ so Juliet didn’t care.

    BUT, best movies have yet to come out … Sorority Row (this looks like the return of Carrie Fisher in prime form) … And The Final Destination, in 3D.

    Mike – we could download these movies and send them to you, it’stotally legit … I know about 1.5 billion Chinese who do it.

    JUSTIN [08/19/09 – 10:49Am]: I still regret wasting nearly three hours of my time sitting through Transformers…

    BRYNN [08/19/09 – 12:41PM]: I also enjoyed GI Joe, and that is also because I went in expecting nothing from the movie, and left entertained. It is by no means a good movie, but it is a good waste of an hour and a half. Plus you have a Victoria’s Secret model playing a good guy, and do I even have to mention the Baroness?


    I want this shirt damn it.

    JASON [08/19/09 – 4:50PM]: Anyone seeing Inglourious Basterds this weekend? [Did I misspell it correctly? ha ha]

    MARCUS [08/20/09 – 4:42PM]: anyone see terminator?  since no mention it must have sucked. so many movies out.  dont remember a summer with so many movies i want to see.

    MARCUS [08/20/09 – 7:41PM]: I wanna see the Larry David movie or Tyson.  Anyone see?

    JUSTIN [08/20/09 – 9:43PM]: http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/avatar/hd/

    Looks cool but I’m not convinced. Have to wait till there’s more I guess.

    JHAELEN [08/21/09 – 8:59PM]: Sorry, haven’t seen the larry david movie (looks funny) nor the tyson movie (which reminds me, didn’t see The Hangover either).

    Pauly – ‘Moon’ was actually kinda good. I think love or hate type of
    movie … If you run out of options in Denver …

    Just saw Basterds. (Friend has unlimited movie passes for the year)
    Def a lot of talking …might be one of my favorites of tarantino’s

    PAULY [08/21/09 – 11:15PM]: Just saw Inglourious Basterds.


    Jhaelen –  agree. At or near the top of my Tarantino list.

    Tied with Star Trek for best movie experience of the summer (year). May be too volent, long and intelligent for some.

    Not us, of course.

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