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    Star Trek Into Darkness | Parodying Star Trek in a Canon Star Trek Movie 

    Star Trek Into Darkness, one of the biggest movies of the year hit theatres this week, and while overall reviews for this movie are very good, this is my official letdown (for now) of the summer as Star Trek Into Darkness is essentially a canon trek movie that is parodying a previous Star Trek movie; and the best one for that matter.  Star Trek Into Darkness  stumbles around looking for character arcs, themes, and a compelling, well-constructed plot. 


    The movie starts off fairly strong with a Indiana Jones esque intro-event with Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) taking action during a away mission that saves Spock (Zach Quinto) and gets Kirk into some trouble with Starfleet as he is, as per usual, breaking regulations, but that’s what Kirk does best. Shortly after, Earth ( a futuristic London specifically) is bombed by a mysterious person names John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) that Kirk and the crew of enterprise are soon commanded to pursue. The crew is all back with John Cho as Sulu, Zoe Saldana as Uhura, Simon Pegg as Scotty, Karl Urban as Doctor McCoy, and Anton Yelchin as Chekov. Also we have newcomer Alice Eve as Carol Wallace (or is it Marcus…?).  And of course Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison. Though unfortunately Karl Urban/McCoy and Yelchin/Chekov are completely wasted. Cumberbatch’s performance is the best among all of them during the movie without a doubt.

    Again, the movie has a very promising beginning. And throughout the movie, as expected, the visuals and the audio are great.  And there are several action sequences that are very well done (though most have been seen before…and so are also alittle forgettable), but while JJ Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek was fun, witty, and smart with a opening that was quite epic (http://groomsmenonfilm.com/2013/05/16/top-10-star-trek-movie-moments-3/) Star Trek Into Darkness is not smart at all, and is unbelievably generic in its storytelling.  Now I cannot go into too much detail as to why I say Into Darkness parodies Star Trek because I’ll  be in spoiler territory, (but don’t worry scroll down to see it).  Yes your eyes will be on the screen for the entire 2 hours, there are certainly some laughs, and great sequences, but I honestly expected much more than a story that has been done  before. I think it’s average B reviews are appropriate; its a fine summer movie.


    Star Trek Into Darkness Grade: B/B-








    [Okay here comes the spoiler warning!]











    Now, for the 800lb gorilla in the room. Yes John Harrison is Kahn. And I’m actually totally okay with this. The problem is the absolutely unoriginal story telling here. Writers Orci, Kurtzman, Lindelof, and  Director Abrams had four years to create a Star Trek that was their own, and they ended up stealing someone else’s movie.  Not only did they rip off a better film, but their script is still filled with lazy cheats, and building the story around the set pieces rather than vice-versa. The whole purpose of the alternate universe was to create new adventures.

    It’s truly Kahn in name only. A new story would require originality and effort, and no one wants to put in the hard work.  Instead, they continue to rip off Wrath of Khan.  They plagiarize Spock’s famous death scene but instead decide to “kill” Kirk.  There’s no real weight to this death (given there’s no decades-long relationship/we’ve only seen them together in two movies and we all knew Kahn’s blood would save someone in the end), so we know Kirk will be fine.  Abrams and his writers pat themselves on the back for reversing the roles, even though that role reversal doesn’t tie into any earlier conflict.  The death scene has NOTHING on the original scene; all I saw was two new actors re-acting the original scene; I almost thought it was a joke, I couldn’t believe it. Seriously  I almost started laughing. And Spock looking down at Kirk’s body and yelling Kahn was just embarrassing and that did it for me (Seriously he doesn’t even yell Kahn well….) Oh yeah and then Uhura just beams down and shoots Kahn in the back?!? (And don’t get me started on using the original Spock (Leonard Nimoy) to TELL Spock (Quinto) that Kahn is dangerous …)

    In Star Trek II, Kahn may be the villian, but the movie embodies everything about Kirk. The Wrath of Khan brings him a deadly nemesis from his past, who then forces Kirk to learn a harsh lesson, and lose his closest friend.  The movie embodies the best of the original series (the tense, naval-style battles; outsmarting rather than outgunning the enemy; an admiration for the creative and destructive power of science), but you can enjoy it without having seen a single episode. But if you’ve seen The Original Series, Spock’s death has serious weight.  It’s the end of a decades-long friendship, and the line “I have been, and always shall be, your friend,” gets the tears flowing.

    I clearly love the original Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn, so most people won’t feel the way I do. Again it’s a fine summer movie; but if you want the real deal, go watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn. There is a reason it’s considered a classic.

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    A Groomsmen’s Prediction on Star Trek Into Darkness 

    With its big opening on Wednesday, and its continued rumor and hype on whom its villain is, and the positive reviews pouring in.., I thought I’d take a shot at who Star Trek Into Darknesses’ villian is, and what may ensue.
    We are big here at reviews and box office predictions but not sure if we’ve ever done a box office story prediction, so here goes, keeping in mind all I’ve seen are the previews…


    Prediction 1: I think the villain, John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) is playing our infamous friend, Khan, the genetically enhanced superhuman who along time ago tried to take over the world. He was Kirk’s true nemesis back in the original Star Trek series and the best Star Trek movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan….

    Preview Evidence: He is “better at everything” and Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) is Kirk’s “love interest,” just like in the original series/The Wrath of Kahn


    Prediction 2: Okay this is where I’m jumping here.., but, I think Kirk dies. If it is Kahn, then there must be some grand escape sequence where one must die just like in the Wrath of Khan, where Spock dies. But, assuming its Khan, then Spock can’t die cause it can’t be done exactly like before , just similarly as this universe goes…so to make it impactful, it has to be Kirk. Now how Kirk lives for the next movie, I have no theory but I really don’t think that matters.

    Preview evidence: A scene showing a hand up against a glass wall and another hand on the other side ( I know, I know…), just like The Wrath of Kahn.


    Prediction 3: This is easy, the Enterprise does not crash. This is simple misdirection in the  previews. The ship may look like its crashing into San Franciso Bay, but the ship hitting the water clearly resembles / has the outline of the other (bigger) ship in the preview…

    Preview evidence: The preview ship crashing into water sequence….



    We’ll find out soon enough!

    Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters in IMAX and 3d this Wednesday.

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    JJ Abrams to Direct STAR WARS: EPISODE VII 

    JJ SW

    That’s right. LOST creator and Star Trek/Star Trek Into Darkness Director JJ Abrams is now officially taking the helm of Star Wars as the Director of Episode VII. This is a bit of a surprise given Abrams himself said back in December that he would be watching the new Star Wars movie from a theatre seat and not the Director’s chair, but clearly that did not stay true for long. It has been reported that Lucasfilm Chief and Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy has apparently been courting Abrams for a while. So it appears that lens flares will now be a part of at least one Star Wars movie.

    It is kind of crazy to think that Abrams will now be behind the two largest sci-fi franchises in history Star Trek and Star Wars.

    The JJ Abrams directed Star Trek Into Darkness, one of the biggest movies of 2013, will hit theatres this May.

    The JJ Abrams directed Star Wars Episode VII, will hit theatres Summer 2015.

    • Winklevii Twins 3:32 am on February 5, 2013 Permalink

      that would be cool if he introduces a new character like I don t know……. a smoke monster?

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    “I Don’t Believe I’m Going To Say This” (orig posted 08/19/2009) 

    PAULY [08/19/09 – 12:00AM]: But go see G.I. Joe. I only saw it because I was too late to see “the Goods.” I had zero expectations – maybe less than zero if that’s possible.

    25 mins into it, I didn’t want to like it. Halfway into it, I didn’t want to like it too much.

    By the end, I realized I’m looking forward to the sequel. It isn’t trying to be great, but it’s got a decent enough plot, and the special effects were better than the first Transformers movie.

    Hell, all of it is better than the first Transformers movie.

    It’s a good summer flick. It only dropped 59% after it’s first week, which means isn’t as high as anyone predicted. It means word of mouth kept audiences coming even though everyone it targeted showed up on opening weekend. It was fun.

    Go see it.

    PAULY [08/20/09 – 12:01AM]: … and fuck Transformers II

    (Sorry Michael)

    JASON [08/19/09 – 12:31AM]: The special effects were better than the original Transformers?? How about the flat-looking undersea base, the lack of color variation on the sand dunes, the nano-mite cloud scenes, etc… Hmmm… Maybe I just had a blurry projector. ha ha… I might have gone in with higher expectations too. Thought it sucked royally when I left, especially when other character revival movies [Iron Man, for example] have been much more exciting – better plot, graphics, action, and banter. Not sure if I would pay to see GI Joe 2 in theaters. [BTW, I saw GI Joe for sale on a DVD this weekend in San Jose for $5. Guess I really don’t need to go to movie theaters anymore… ha ha]

    One movie I would definitely recommend watching is District 9. Thought it was done very well… Maybe a District 10 in 3 years??

    PAULY [08/19/09 – 12:43AM]: I thought Iron Man was the best movie of last summer (TDK was 40 mins too long). If you’re expectations for GI Joe is on that level, nothin’ I can do to help you there.

    I don’t miss my 10 bucks. Go in expecting to pay attention to explosions and gadgets for two hours and you’ll be fine.

    No transformers pissing on a dude’s leg or speaking in ebonics. They actuakky tried to have nanotech as a central element. I’m not giving it any awards, but at least they didn’t try to appeal to the least common denominator like Bay does.

    MICHAEL [08/19/09 – 1:10AM]: Well, unfortunately, I’ve not been able to watch TFII, GIJ, or Julie&Julia, for that matter. I did see The Watchmen this past weekend though. It’s what happens when ethical decisions become decisions over utility, and there are no more morals to guide us. He’s Just Not That Into You was OK.

    Look, it’s trickier when you have a kid, OK? If it weren’t for the Vegas trip, I’m sure I would have missed StarTrek too.

    JHAELEN [08/19/09 – 9:37AM]: I’m sure baby james would love to see GI Joe!

    My movie ranking list for the summer might go: Star Trek, District 9, GI  Joe, transformers (fell asleep during Harry Potter). Have to go with Pauly on this one – really really low expectations = surprisingly fun experience at GI Joe. Juliet thought Sienna Miller’s walk was unconvincing … I thought it was plenty convincing.  I thought Channing Tatum’s accent was awful – turns out it’s his real accent and plus he’s ‘hot,’ so Juliet didn’t care.

    BUT, best movies have yet to come out … Sorority Row (this looks like the return of Carrie Fisher in prime form) … And The Final Destination, in 3D.

    Mike – we could download these movies and send them to you, it’stotally legit … I know about 1.5 billion Chinese who do it.

    JUSTIN [08/19/09 – 10:49Am]: I still regret wasting nearly three hours of my time sitting through Transformers…

    BRYNN [08/19/09 – 12:41PM]: I also enjoyed GI Joe, and that is also because I went in expecting nothing from the movie, and left entertained. It is by no means a good movie, but it is a good waste of an hour and a half. Plus you have a Victoria’s Secret model playing a good guy, and do I even have to mention the Baroness?


    I want this shirt damn it.

    JASON [08/19/09 – 4:50PM]: Anyone seeing Inglourious Basterds this weekend? [Did I misspell it correctly? ha ha]

    MARCUS [08/20/09 – 4:42PM]: anyone see terminator?  since no mention it must have sucked. so many movies out.  dont remember a summer with so many movies i want to see.

    MARCUS [08/20/09 – 7:41PM]: I wanna see the Larry David movie or Tyson.  Anyone see?

    JUSTIN [08/20/09 – 9:43PM]: http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/avatar/hd/

    Looks cool but I’m not convinced. Have to wait till there’s more I guess.

    JHAELEN [08/21/09 – 8:59PM]: Sorry, haven’t seen the larry david movie (looks funny) nor the tyson movie (which reminds me, didn’t see The Hangover either).

    Pauly – ‘Moon’ was actually kinda good. I think love or hate type of
    movie … If you run out of options in Denver …

    Just saw Basterds. (Friend has unlimited movie passes for the year)
    Def a lot of talking …might be one of my favorites of tarantino’s

    PAULY [08/21/09 – 11:15PM]: Just saw Inglourious Basterds.


    Jhaelen –  agree. At or near the top of my Tarantino list.

    Tied with Star Trek for best movie experience of the summer (year). May be too volent, long and intelligent for some.

    Not us, of course.

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