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    Movie Review | Now You See Me 

    Movie Review: Now You See Me

    Movies about magic aren’t generally supposed to do well at the box office, but “Now You See Me” opened up better than box office king Will Smith’s scientology disaster.  Is Will losing his mojo, or is “Now You See Me” really that good?

    A little bit of both, perhaps.  NYSM is a fun movie, a little reminiscent of National Treasure more so than any of the great magic-themed movies that came before it.  Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, and the guy that looks like James Franco are all magicians that are brought together by a mysterious benefactor that helps them rob from the rich, and give to the poor.  Michael Caine is one of their biggest fans, Morgan Freeman wants to prove them to be frauds (stop hating, Mo Free), and Mark Ruffalo wants to lock them up.  The movie follows their act getting discovered in Vegas, famous in New Orleans, and infamous in NYC.  The plot isn’t mind-bending, but keeps you guessing what’s next … well, mostly.  The magic acts are still spectacular for a 2013 audience that’s spoiled by CGI.

    Louis Leterrier directs the movie like a little kid that can’t sit down … the camera is always moving, circling the scene and characters.  He gives plenty of wide shots of Vegas, New Orleans, and New York … and even manages to get the audience attached to the actors a little.  A very little.  Common and other backup stars made the best of their short screen time.   The movie was good enough to be amusing, but short of great.  Actually, somewhere right now Christopher Nolan is wondering if he made “the Prestige” a few years too soon.  Or perhaps he took the source material a little too seriously … because somewhere between the campiness of animated movies and the seriousness of the Prestige, Now You See Me exists.  And it’s fun to watch.

    IMDB Rating:7.4 out of 10

    Rotten Tomatoes Rating:
    46% of critics liked it / 75% of audiences liked it

    This (grooms)man’s Rating:
    5 out of 10 … a good movie to watch, but you can wait for the DVD


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    Sleepy Saturday Morning Review | The Kids Are All Right 

    Movie Review: The Kids Are All Right

    This is a wonderfully executed movie about family dysfunction. The family in question isn’t dysfunctional because it has two lesbian mothers and sometimes-bratty kids that re-connect for the first time with the sperm donor/biological father – although all of that happens. It’s dysfunctional for all the reasons many American families are sometimes dysfunctional* – middle aged parents struggling to connect to their teenagers and each other; teenagers that are not quite adults demanding to be treated as adults; young girls falling in love and looking for guidance; young boys with awful friends that they don’t know how to pull away from. The big difference between this family and most others is that everyone is a great actor.

    Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, and Mark Ruffalo are amazing as the family parents and biological dad. Mia Wasichowska (later seen in Lawless) and Josh Hutcherson (later seen in the Hunger Games … for two seconds) hold their own on the screen. It’s a credit to all of the actors that their characters are flawed, annoying, and predictable – but the movie isn’t.

    If you’re just starting out in a lesbian couple, and thinking of getting a sperm donor, this movie may freak the hell out of you. No more than Unfaithful freaked the hell out of straight couples thinking about friends and family. That’s what makes the movie just like any other family drama, but better written and better acted.

    Rotten Tomatoes rating:
    93% of critics loved it / 72% of audiences loved it

    IMDB Rating:
    7,1 out of 10

    This (grooms)man’s rating:
    Watch it on Netflix or OnDemand.

    Wait, wasn't this about kids?

    Wait, wasn’t this about kids?

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    The Avengers | Bruce Banner Deleted Scene 

    Believe it or not The Avengers will hit dvd in about a month. Entertainment weekly got the jump on a deleted scene which revolves around Bruce after he “explodes away” from the SHIELD carrier. The scene def falls into the “can be cut from the movie” bucket, but Avengers fans (Pauly, maybe?) will prob appreciate it  as its one of those scenes that shows Bruce’s push into the “right” direction (but then we always knew that was going to happen…haha).

    The Avengers hits Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download on September 25th.

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    Marvel Releases Clips from The Avengers Blu-ray 

    Believe it or not, The Avengers hit theaters three months ago….and soon it’ll be hitting blu-ray. So Marvel has released clips including some of the cool action sequences from the film, which is what you’re mainly watching second time around (Pauly dont hurt me!). The clips are below and they’re pretty great. The Avengers hits normal/blu-ray dvd end of September.



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    the Avengers trailer has been released 

    Marvel released the trailer for the Avengers. It doesn’t give away the plot, or the villain, but has plenty of the heroes interacting.


    • Justin 5:23 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink

      1. Cant wait.

      2. I like Mark Ruffalo, but I wish I saw Ed Norton saying thanks at the end

      3. If I was a actor, I’d like to be Jackson: purple lightsabers, beating the emperor, dying by force lightening, and finally eye patches and Avenger initiatives.

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