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  • Justin 1:17 am on March 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Alan Arkin, jim carrey, Steve Buscemi, Steve Carrel, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone   

    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone: A Incredible Bore 


    As March movies go, I had hope that The Incredible Burt Wonderstone would be full of decent laughs; unfortunately the laughs are few and far between. Too bad given a cast of  Steve Carrell, Olivia Wilde, Steve Buscemi, Alan Arkin, and Jim Carrey. During the first 20 minutes, the movie has a good start as you’re introduced to magicians (Carrell and Buscemi) as kids and how they soon become very famous macigians now in Vegas. Sure the story is the time old story of a guy whose career is over, loses his best friend cause he’s so into himself, loses everything, but then learns what’s important and wins. I just wanted to laugh.  But after the warm-up laughs in these first minutes, the movie never quite takes off; in fact the movie gets fairly quiet halfway through, which ultimately led to me and my date falling asleep during the movie.


    To be sure, there are a dozen pretty good laughs in its 100 minute running time but obviously they were just not enough. Moreover, when there are laughs, they’re around the one person and character that has great energy in the movie: Jim Carrey. When he does appear, you look forward to it. At one point you may think, the movie should be about his character. Overall the movie is too mushy when it comes to plot and humor. Carrey is in classic form with a craziness in his eyes that makes you remember his great movies but his appearances are brief.

    Save your money; and at best, rent this. And with this review in mind, enjoy the movie more.

    Grade: B-

  • Justin 6:04 pm on September 5, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Aaron Johnson, , Christopher Mint-Plasse, jim carrey, Kick-Ass 2, Nicholas Cage   

    Jim Carrey Joins the Cast of Kick-Ass 2 

    More news on the Kick-Ass sequel, Kick Ass 2 has come out. On top of the main cast returning, including Aaron Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz, Nicholas Cage (his best role since Lord of War), and Christopher Mint-Plasse, Jim Carrey has officially joined the case as Colonel Stars. Stars is a founding member of the “Justice Forever” a crime fighting group.

    From what I understand the movie will take place a few years after the first, basically the time difference between the first and second movie. As much as Kick-Ass was a weird/funny/messed up, clearly-having-some-identity issues movie, I enjoyed it. And Im glad Carrey has joined the cast.

    I hope Kick-Ass 2, under the direction of Jeff Wadlow is entertaining. They are shooting again for a summer release: June 28th, 2013

  • Jay 12:32 pm on August 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: bradley cooper, ewan mcgregor, i love you phillip morris, jake gyllenhaal, jim carrey, , limitless, rango, source code   

    4 Movies in 14 Hours 

    On our trip from South Carolina to New York, we watched 4 movies (with 14 hours on the road, there was still plenty of time left to nap).

    RANGO: really liked it (88% on RottenTomatoes)
    I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS: liked it (71% on RottenTomatoes)
    LIMITLESS: liked it (70% on RottenTomatoes)
    SOURCE CODE: really liked it (91% on RottenTomatoes)

    RANGO: very very strange. we enjoyed johnny depp’s voice acting. also very beautiful animation. fun story of a chameleon out-of-place in the west, till the predictable ending. not sure its really a kids movie.
    I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS: based on a true story about a married, gay con-artist (Jim Carrey) who finds his soul mate (Ewan McGregor) in prison. Worth watching just to see the myriad of ways Carrey’s character breaks out of prison. adorable. pacing was kinda off. i never really bought the chemistry between Carrey and McGregor unfortunately. would love to see carrey do more movies like this.
    LIMITLESS: enjoyable, though I thought Bradley Cooper didn’t make for the most engaging narrator. conjured flashbacks of fight club though not nearly as slick. found it mindlessly entertaining.
    SOURCE CODE: its 12-monkeys meets groundhog day, though without the humor of the latter and the eccentricity of the former (which is not a criticism). Jake Gyllenhaal did not remind me of bubble boy here. ending is great and makes the movie worthwhile. Juliet and I argued for a good hour on the trip about our interpretation … and if you watch Lost, Fringe, or other movies/shows that deal with character developments revealed through space/time/parallel universes, you’ll probably enjoy this one.

    • winklevi twins 2:08 pm on August 12, 2011 Permalink

      TRON LEGACY: first 40 minutes still good after that bad. I think Disney’s involvement screwed up the plot. It should have had more lite cycles, instead we got a father and son story and a G rated love story.

      PAUL: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are great!
      Geeks @ comic-con. A lot better than Fanboys.

      HESTER: Like. How can you not watch a natalie portman movie. a lot of Joseph Gordon-Levit movies seem like broke-through roles for him. The movie slowly follows a 10 yr boy living with his dead beat father and grandmother. Hester intervienes and shows them the value of what they still have

      BAD TEACHER: Bad movie

      HANNA: Like. Exciting low budget action movie. Kinda like a Bourne movie but with a 15 yr old girl without the big budget. Great soundtrack.

      BLACK HEAVEN: Um like. A little slow story. Trailer was a little miss leading. Always good to watch foreign films and see what its like there.

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