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  • Marcus 12:23 am on July 16, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    In Time (2011) 

    Let me first start by saying that the best thing about this movie was Justin Timberlakes acting.  There i said it.  Now that i have your attention i will elaborate.

    This is an interesting plot.  A world where everyone lives to 25 then is given 1 year until they die.  After that time is the currency.  When you run out you die.  So there are some richer folks with centuries or even hundreds of centuries and some folks who are panicing with only minutes left to live.  Great idea.  The tradegy is what they did with this.

    The movie, not so good.  It starts with Justin Timberlake as a working class person who gets given 100 years.  It evolves into a love story with Amanda Seyfried where they steal time from the rich (the richest being Vincent Kartheiser the pretentious young guy from Mad Men) and give time to the poor.   Amanda was a very unsexy love interest.  Justins girl friend must have picked this one out.  Remember this is the girl from Big Love (the blond prude daughter).   Cillian Murphy was the cop.  He is a great bad guy but in this movie he plays a torn cop who grew up poor but is tasked with keeping society segretated between rich and poor.  Poorly casted outside of Justin.  Justin did a good job in this movie.  His acting impressed me.  Not that he hasnt been performing his entire life.

    The movie did however keep my attention.  It was thought provolking politically (the same director as The Trumen Show).  It was very pro-socialism. I know this is unfair but that is what blogs are for.  Justin must be pro-socialism himself.  I have not problem with pro-socialism or socialism in itself.  What i do have a problem with is someone like Justin who has never had to work hard in his life promoting it.  Common Justin growing up must have been so tough between the boobs of Christina Agulara and Brittney Spears on the Mickey Mouse club.  In general you will not find a more divided industry then actors.  The top actors make 100 millions a year and the bottom actually pay to just audition.  What divides them????  Skill… doubt it…. looks…. maybe a little.  Luck, circumstance, and networking.  Now the poster child of this industry wants everyone to make the same and have the same.  I dont get it…..

    Sorry off topic.  Watch this movie if you have gone through your options twice without a notable stand out.  I saw this movie free on HBO on demand i believe.



    • winklevi twins 2:56 am on July 16, 2012 Permalink

      i actually saw this in the movie theater and had some expectations for it. The idea sounds fascinating; time as currency and that being directly connected to your life span.

      Correction, Peter Weir directed Truman Show. Andrew Niccol wrote Truman show and directed In Time. He also directed Gattaca which has the same tone but was done a lot better in terms of actors and movie rhythm. So i had some expectations. Justin T. was great. Amanda not so. And how weird was it to see that guy from the Rossanne TV show.

      I don t entirely remember the details of the story but I recall that after Justin takes Amanda hostage the movie falls short of resulting into anything interesting. The couple become a robin hood duo robbing time banks to give more time to people in the ghetto. I think everything that resulted was too predictable. interactions between characters seem to be superficial which in turn you can’t feel invested in the characters.

      I don t think it is fair to comment on Justin’s personal life relative to this movie because that’s just Hollywood. I would say 90% of the actors we see in movies have the fortunate privilege as justin now. I m sure he took the role mostly because it was a lead role for him. A role that could be a break through role for him perhaps.

    • Marcus 10:03 am on July 16, 2012 Permalink

      I think it is completely fair to attach Justin personally. He has spoken publically about politics and sometimes it appears that HOllywood speaks out too much politically when they seem the most out of touch with day to day America as anyone. I do agree that it is not fair to attack Justin for doing this movie which i did not intend to do and i cannot assume it is his personal political views. But his public comments have been consistent with the policital views communicated by the flick.

      Sorry for bringing the P topic into the blog. But the MOVIE did it not me.

    • Justin 1:18 pm on July 16, 2012 Permalink

      Here’s my DVD review of In Time from February. I gave it a C: http://groomsmenonfilm.com/2012/02/19/video-review-in-time/

      I’m a big fan of Andrew Niccol’s Gattaca and Lord of War. I’m hoping his work next year, The Host, is more in line with those two movies.

  • Marcus 11:56 pm on July 8, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    The Uninvited (2009) 

    We have spoken about expectations playing a huge part in how you feel when you walk away from a movie.  I ordered the Uninvited on Netflix mail order and watched it.  I wasnt expecting much.  I had not heard of this movie when it was out.  In summary this movie exceeded my expectations and i would recommend watching the flick to anyone who appreciates a movie with a little twist.

    The movie starts off like kind of a Amityville Horror house lite type movie.  Emily Browning plays “Anna” a  young girl who had to go to an insane asylum after her mother passed away.  Her father now dating her care giver “Rachel” played by Elizabeth Banks.  This movie will have you doubting it mid way through.  It started and continued as a moderately entertaining thriller.  The last 5 min will make you want to watch the movie again as it induces much thought and makes you wish you watched the begining of the movie more closely.

    Overall i would recommend this flick to you if you dont know what to order on Netflix and if i had to summarize it i would say “Amityville Horror” meets “Usual Suspects” lite.

    • paulywalnuts 3:18 am on July 9, 2012 Permalink

      This movie has been in my “maybe, maybe not” list forever. You just convinced me to watch it. Or at least add it to my queue.

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