Oscar Predictions | Who Will Win (and who should have!)

Best Picture: “Birdman” will win.
Birdman is a great film about a relevant topic in this world … do actors that make comic book movies lose legitimacy?  Okay, maybe relevant only in Hollywood.  But that’s who’s voting.  Who SHOULD win: “The Imitation Game.”  Who SHOULD NOT win: “Boyhood.”  Hmmm … shot the movie over 12 years with the same cast.  That’s nice.  Great gimmick.  Kind of like the 3-D in Avatar. You shouldn’t win Best Picture for that.  But perhaps you should compete for …

Best Director: “Richard Linklater” will win for Boyhood.
A 12 year film schedule is a big deal for a director, so expect the Oscar to go to Richard Linklater.  Who SHOULD win: Wes Anderson, “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

Best Actor: “Michael Keaton” will win for Birdman.
Tough call with Bradley Cooper pulling off a threepeat in consecutive years, but I give the nod to Keaton.  Who SHOULD win: Benedict Cumberbatch, “The Imitation Game.”

Best Actress: “Julianne Moore” will win for Still Alice.
An incredible performance by an actress who is overdue for a win.  Interestingly enough, her win may help Bradley Cooper in the Best Actor category.  After being nominated in 1998 (Best Supporting Actress: Boogie Nights), 2000 (Best Actress: The End of the Affair),  2003 (Best Supporting Actress: The Hours, AND Best Actress: Far From Heaven) – this is Moore’s first Academy Nomination in a long time.  Anyone who thinks Bradley Cooper has many more chances may change their mind when they see the gap between great roles … and lack of great roles … for someone as talented as more.  Who SHOULD  win: Julianne Moore.

Best Supporting Actor: “J.K. Simmons” will win for Whiplash.
Sorry, Ed Norton.  You played a talented prick incredibly well.  But you were just being yourself.  Who SHOULD  win: tossup between everyone not named Ed Norton.

Best Supporting Actress: “Laura Dern” will win for Wild.
Who SHOULD win: Keira Knightly, “The Imitation Game.”

Still Waiting for their Oscar: “Fruitvale Station”