A Groomsmen’s Prediction on Star Trek Into Darkness

With its big opening on Wednesday, and its continued rumor and hype on whom its villain is, and the positive reviews pouring in.., I thought I’d take a shot at who Star Trek Into Darknesses’ villian is, and what may ensue.
We are big here at reviews and box office predictions but not sure if we’ve ever done a box office story prediction, so here goes, keeping in mind all I’ve seen are the previews…


Prediction 1: I think the villain, John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) is playing our infamous friend, Khan, the genetically enhanced superhuman who along time ago tried to take over the world. He was Kirk’s true nemesis back in the original Star Trek series and the best Star Trek movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan….

Preview Evidence: He is “better at everything” and Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) is Kirk’s “love interest,” just like in the original series/The Wrath of Kahn


Prediction 2: Okay this is where I’m jumping here.., but, I think Kirk dies. If it is Kahn, then there must be some grand escape sequence where one must die just like in the Wrath of Khan, where Spock dies. But, assuming its Khan, then Spock can’t die cause it can’t be done exactly like before , just similarly as this universe goes…so to make it impactful, it has to be Kirk. Now how Kirk lives for the next movie, I have no theory but I really don’t think that matters.

Preview evidence: A scene showing a hand up against a glass wall and another hand on the other side ( I know, I know…), just like The Wrath of Kahn.


Prediction 3: This is easy, the Enterprise does not crash. This is simple misdirection in the  previews. The ship may look like its crashing into San Franciso Bay, but the ship hitting the water clearly resembles / has the outline of the other (bigger) ship in the preview…

Preview evidence: The preview ship crashing into water sequence….



We’ll find out soon enough!

Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters in IMAX and 3d this Wednesday.