Peter Jackson Takes a Dump on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

I cannot wait for the “Honest trailer” on this movie…


Everyone on the site knows how I kept saying last year I had zero interest in seeing The Hobbit in theatres and that Director Peter Jackson was a sellout. With poor reviews, I pulled off not seeing. Finally, now being for rent, I thought I’d give it a try.

Bottom line, it is completely unnecessary, badly paced, and you will have zero (probably negative) emotional attachment while you watch. I thought about shutting it off about six times. It’s just embarrassing as it:

  1. Takes 40 minutes for the character to leave Bilbo’s house and start the journey (no joke)
  2. There’s zero personal connection and character development
  3. The special effects are crap
  4. It’s just horribly paced (and its 3 hours…)
  5. Howard Shore just reuses the same music which makes you wish you were watching the real deal (the original trilogy and not this abomination). He does have one new theme for the movie but it’s used so often its feel process oriented/going through a motion (everytime there’s action sequence, “que the new theme!”).
  6. And let’s not talk about the hippie wizard….
  7. The scene with Gollum is okay. I wish it was better, but the movie just moves along with no weight and substance and unfortunately carries over to even the scene with Gollum and Bilbo (but Martin Freeman does well with what he has).

I will say there is one scene, the meeting of the white counsel, which is pretty good. In that scene, Saruman (Christopher Lee), Elrond (Hugo Weaving), Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellan), and Lady Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) hang out and talk about what it appears to be possible return of Sauron. And for a brief moment, only for five minutes, do you get to see some good acting, some good dialogue and remember that while the Lord of the Rings has flaws, it’s a great trilogy.

The movie just has no real point and should be called The Hobbit: An Unnecessary Journey.  And we all know that The Hobbit itself is simply a short story for children, lighthearted, and not carrying the weight of the Lord of the Rings. But with that said, that doesn’t mean this has to be a bad movie.

Grade: C.

What have you done Peter Jackson.  But, I’ll say it again, I cannot wait for the “Honest trailer” on this movie.